Successful development of railway and highway dual purpose concrete mixer truck

A railway and highway concrete Mixer truck developed by China Railway Construction Co., Ltd., designed by the Institute of Military Transportation, and developed by Shanghai Huadong Construction Machinery Co., Ltd., turned out and passed the technical appraisal of the railway authority, and its safety and stability. All of them meet the design requirements and provide advanced technological equipment and new imagination for the development of China's railway construction.
Based on the mature concrete mixer truck, this railway and road concrete mixer truck is equipped with a set of guide steel wheels at the front and rear ends of the car's girder so that the concrete mixer truck can not only be on the road. Driving can also be carried out on the track to broaden the use of the mixer truck.
The dual-purpose concrete mixer truck is equipped with two single-axle bogies on the vehicle. When the automobile is driving on a highway, the lifting mechanism on the single-axle bogie and the air spring act to lift the bogie and hang it on the car girder to satisfy the car. When driving on a standard gauge railway, the lift mechanism and the air spring act to lift the front wheel of the vehicle and guide it from the bogie mounted on the front of the vehicle girder.
The safety of the dual-purpose concrete mixer truck under no-load and full-load conditions while driving in a curve; the suspension deformation and concrete flow have been scientifically tested for the stability of the driving and reached the design expectations.
Recently, dual-use concrete mixer trucks played a very important role in the construction of tunnels in the mountainous area of ​​Lianjiangkou Town, Yingde City, Guangdong Province on the Wuhan-Guangzhou high-speed railway special line. It completely changed the operation of the "Dragon Hoist and Small Bucket" operation. The construction method greatly improves the speed of construction and the construction quality of ballastless track. Shanghai Huajian dispatched technical construction personnel to track the use of dual-use mixing trucks on site and solved problems such as construction speed, concrete precipitation and segregation. The 120-meter-a-day progress of concrete ballasting for ballastless tracks completely reversed the passive operation situation of "rebar workers" waiting for "concrete" and the construction speed was increased by more than four times than before.
Under the situation of speeding up of railway construction, dual-use concrete mixer trucks are favored by users. China Railway Bureau has ordered and intended to order.
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