Gfl Full Set Production Line for Solid Preparation Granulator

Model NO.: GFL
Layout Type: Horizontal
Mixing Drum Shape: Conical
Additional Capabilities: Milling, Drying, Granulating
Operating type: Per Batch
Condition: New
Application Fields: Foodstuff
Granules: Tablet Granules
Transport Package: Wooden Case
Origin: China
GFL New type Solid Preparation Granulator/ Dryer
★ General of applications
On the basis of conventional granulating process, this granulator unit scientifically and effectively forms a complete production line for solid preparation, by integrating the wet-process granule separator as per their process characteristics. Besides the preserved independent functions of individual machines, this integral unit is also designed a pipeline carrying hot air to dry the high-viscosity materials, avoiding adhesion and accumulation. The efficiency and automation of the machine is greatly improved, which sharply reduces the workload of workers. This machine also simplifies and upgrades the process of medicine preparation, improves the yield of medicine, and avoids the secondary contamination of medicine during production. The machine complies with GMP requirements.

★ Features of equipment
1.The New type Solid Preparation Granulator/Dryer Unit composed by Vacuum Feeding machine, High speed Mixing Granulator( Wet Granulator), Wet Milling machine, Fluid-bed Granulator/Dryer, Dry Milling machine, Hopper Elevator, Hopper Mixing machine, Screen sieve and so on;
2.The New type Solid Preparation Granulator/Dryer adopt automatic sealed feeding and discharging system, pipe line connect, quick clamp connector, no dead angle, easy disassemble, easy cleaning, good sealing, reduce the pollution and make it no powder dust during the production process, improve the productive efficiency, and reduce the labor force;
3.The fluid-bed design according to the 2Bar proof pressure standard, and all the components earthing well;
4.The Dry Milling machine with trolley design, easy installation;
5.Totally made by Stainless steel, and the contact parts with the products use SUS316L;
6.PLC control system, high degree of automatic, facility for operation and maintenance;
7.CIP washing system can be setting according to customers requirements;
8.Changzhou Zhiyang Machinery Equipment Co.,Ltd will support with Project Initial design-Project Initial confirm-Project detailed design-Project confirm-Select Equipment specification. To provide the advance service for customers, and to insure all the machines are suitable for each production line of customers.
★ Scope of Application
1.Tablets, granules, capsules;
2.Sugar-free, sugar-less or small-dose granules;
3.Granules of which the medicine effect will be controlled for slow release.
4.Instant food and beverage granules;
5.Chemical granules.
★ Technical Data
Specification GFL-3 GFL-5 GFL-15 GFL-30 GFL-60 GFL-120 GFL-150 GFL-200 GFL-300 GFL-500 Remarks
Capacity(KG/batch ) 3 5 15 30 60 120 150 200 300 500 By user
Bin     LD-50 LD-100 LD-200 LD-300 LD-400 LD-600 LD-800 LD-1200
Vacuum feeding machine     ZKS-1 ZKS-1 ZKS-2 ZKS-3 ZKS-4 ZKS-4 ZKS-4 ZKS-5
Mixer granulator GHL-10 GHL-15 GHL-50 GHL-100 GHL-200 GHL-300 GHL-450 GHL-600 GHL-1000 GHL-1200
Wet mill GZL-80 GZL-80 GZL-100 GZL-100 GZL-180 GZL-250 GZL-350 GZL-350 GZL-450 GZL-450
Fluid-bed FL/FG-3 FL/FG-5 FL/FG-15 FL/FG-30 FL/FG-60 FL/FG-120 FL/FG-150 FL/FG-200 FL/FG-300 FL/FG-500
Vacuum feeding machine     ZKS-1 ZKS-1 ZKS-2 ZKS-3 ZKS-4 ZKS-4 ZKS-4 ZKS-5
FBG / FBD       NTF-100 NTF-200 NTF-300 NTF-400 NTF-500 NTF-800 NTF-1000
Dry mill GZL-80 GZL-80 GZL-100 GZL-100 GZL-180 GZL-250 GZL-350 GZL-350 GZL-450 GZL-450
Bin     LD-50 LD-100 LD-200 LD-300 LD-400 LD-600 LD-800 LD-1200
Series Post bin blender       HTD-100 HTD-150 HTD-200 HTD-300 HTD-400 HTD-600 HTD-1000 OR
Series  bin blender           HZD-400 HZD-600 HZD-800 HZD-1200 HZD-1500

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