·The world's first Dakar official driving school was established in Beijing

On July 8th, Dakar official driving school was unveiled in Beijing on the 7th. The school aims to spread the “Dakar” culture and promote the spirit of cross-country. It also provides drivers, teams and auto manufacturers with a platform to realize their dreams and show their charm. This is the first driving school in Dakar officially opened around the world.
The reporter learned from the school that the training courses of the college are divided into short-term and long-term training. The shortest training period is one day. The trainees are also provided with a fully enclosed training camp training course. Those who pass the examination will have the opportunity to become the drivers of the Dakar cross-country rally. According to the director of the driving school and the official director of the general education, the first training base is located in the Qixing Lake Scenic Area in Kubuqi Desert, Inner Mongolia, China. The training base hardware facilities include: 14,000 square meters of teaching buildings, 18,600 square kilometers of desert training and competition venues, 52 kilometers of road experience track, international five-star standard hotel facilities and so on. The software part includes: Dakar's standard driving training system, holographic dynamic training form, international top coaching team and professional logistics support organization. In terms of hardware and software, it is necessary to meet Dakar's top global standards, and it must be accepted by all levels of students and apply what they have learned.
While actively promoting the professional training of the domestic Dakar competition, the Dakar (official) driving school also advocated the concept of “environmental off-road”. In South America, Dakar spends a lot of manpower and material resources to support local environmental protection. In China, the Dakar Driving School is also adhering to this tradition. The college actively supports Kubuqi's local “green car team” to provide various support and technical support for the team. It calls on off-road enthusiasts to pay attention to the environment while pursuing extreme adventures, to protect the natural cleanliness of desert resources, to maintain the tranquil nature of the herdsmen's production and life, to make the extreme off-road freedom, passion and natural environment harmoniously blend together to achieve a true “green off-road”.
In the view of President Fonte, the "cross-country hero" does not necessarily have to achieve good results in the game, as long as the cross-country spirit of unity, collaboration, persistence and transcendence is a "hero." At the ceremony, the Driving School also selected a 2015 Chinese folk “cross-country hero”. It is reported that the selection will be carried out once a year after the selection, in order to promote the Chinese off-road spirit, so that more human body will bring the charm of motor sports.

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