Research report on mineral processing of Jinjiaping manganese ore

Jin Ping manganese mine in Western Qinling Mountains with composite parts and INDOSINIAN EW fold belt, metallogenic zoning is Gansu Maqu - Shaanxi Lueyang area quit mineralization bring Erma - Zhouqu gold, copper, iron , manganese, phosphorus mineralization sub-band. The ore is mainly composed of manganese oxide ore, which is a marine sedimentary iron-manganese deposit.

The purpose of the test is to provide a preliminary basis for the evaluation of the deposit, the design of the ore dressing and the development and utilization of the manganese ore.

The main hard manganese ore in the ore, followed by the soft manganese ore, a small amount of rhodochrosite, limonite and so on. The main gangue minerals are calcite , quartz , kaolin , barite , and hydromica .

The ore contains manganese, 24.23%, TFe 4.28%, MnO 219.99%, phosphorus 0.31%, sulfur 0.23%, platinum 0.37%, cobalt 0.063%, copper 0.15%, and zinc 0.94%.

The test is based on mechanical beneficiation methods and uses four process schemes. The test results of different process schemes are shown in Table 1.

Table 1 Test results of different process plans

Process plan

Mn grade (%)

MnO 2 (%)

Recovery rate(%)

Raw ore grading dry magnetic separation -

Wet strong magnetic separation combined process




Raw ore classification single wet strong

Magnetic separation process




Direct wet magnetic separation process after raw ore non-grading grinding




Re-election (shaker) - wet magnetic

Select joint process




The manganese concentrate obtained from the non-graded wet-type strong magnetic separation process of the original ore was subjected to acid leaching and phosphorus removal test, so that the phosphorus content of the concentrate was reduced from 0.21% before leaching to 0.044% after leaching, and the ratio of phosphorus to manganese reached 0.001 or so. The grade of minerals increased from 40.87% before leaching to 42.83% after leaching.

The associated elements copper, zinc, platinum and cobalt are mainly enriched in manganese concentrate. Its copper grade is 0.26%, the recovery rate is 65.72%; the zinc grade is 1.89%, the recovery rate is 69.91%; the platinum grade is 0.43%, the recovery rate is 62.42%; the cobalt grade is 0.09%, and the recovery rate is 69.53%.

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