SINOMACC Super Wetland Bulldozer TS100L-3

Small-scale projects such as farmland reconstruction and pond excavation are the stage for bulldozers. However, in the multi-river lakes and lakes in southern China, because there is no small bulldozer for super-wetlands, the selection of large-scale super-wet bulldozers will result in great waste of resources. Large bulldozers are difficult to fully display their fists in small areas, and construction efficiency is greatly reduced. Excavation of fish ponds, dredging, etc. is very suitable for construction with bulldozers. Users have to choose excavators instead of bulldozers for construction. As the mainstay of domestic bulldozer manufacturers, Luoyang Company launched the TS100L-3 super wetland bulldozer after in-depth study of the market and product applications.

[TS100L-3 2013 Beijing Exhibition World Premiere]


☆ light work "water drift"

Working on farmland and wetlands, equipment with a higher grounding pressure than the pressure will often sink the fuselage, and because the soil is too soft to borrow, the equipment will often fall into a dilemma. In this regard, the TS100L-3 is equipped with a 900mm global small horsepower widest track, reducing its grounding specific pressure to only 24.5kPa. Whether in hydropower projects, farmland renovation, river beach and pond excavation, and trimming and other high-lying wetland operations, TS100L-3 can be steadily stabilized, especially for the needs of vast farmland and wetland users in Hunan, Hubei, and Northeast China.


☆ Grounding gas configuration

In order to transform the concept of small-scale wetland engineering users who use excavators and rarely use "professional counterparts" bulldozers, the TS100L-3 adopts a more intimate configuration. The LR6A3-23 diesel engine produced by the joint venture technology with Ricardo of the United Kingdom has large torque, low noise, energy saving and environmental protection. The engine uses a new intake system to make fuel burn more fully and extend the life of the engine. The TS100L-3 transmission system is mechanical, with low engine power loss, low failure rate and lower maintenance and repair costs. It adopts two-stage straight-tooth large-modulus transmission gear, which has the advantages of strong bearing capacity and high reliability. The main clutch is a dry, normally-engaged multi-piece structure with a large torque reserve and reliable operation. The transmission is 4F+2R (4 forward gears + 2 reverse gears) mechanical shifting transmission, which can find the best driving speed regardless of the working conditions, and is easy to operate and reliable. The steering clutch is a dry multi-plate steering clutch with hydraulic power for flexible steering and light handling. These configurations not only make the TS100L-3 more grounded, but also the reliability of the whole machine is extremely high, which reduces the failure rate of the equipment.


The TS100L-3 is equipped with a new cab, which is beautiful and stylish. The space inside the cab is very large, and it is easy to move. The layout of the joystick and display instrument fits the ergonomics concept, reducing the driver's labor intensity. With a high-elastic adjustable seat, the driver can find the most comfortable driving posture regardless of the size of the driver. Optimized steering operation and floor damping system, which can effectively reduce the vibration of the cab under severe conditions, and the driver no longer has to endure the bumps. The use of a ceiling-mounted air conditioning system improves the air circulation in the cab and creates a green driving environment. The cab is extremely tightly sealed, which blocks outdoor noise and effectively avoids the driver's distraction and affects the quality of the construction.



☆ lower cost of use

Small projects are very fancy to the cost of using the equipment. At this point, Luoyang will not let you down. The key components such as TS100L-3 super wetland bulldozer drive system, travel system and hydraulic system are common with the company's market star product T100G bulldozer, which greatly improves the timeliness of maintenance and accessory purchase. The track is sealed, which can effectively prevent the intrusion of sediment and prevent excessive wear of parts. At the same time, it has longer service life than the track without seals, which reduces the user's use cost.


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