There are also feng shui taboos in the interior decorations. Are you doing it right?

The house has a feng shui of the house, the same car also has a feng shui car, many people like to hang some small jewelry in the car, in order to play a role in landscaping, in fact, some seemingly beautiful ornaments, if not in line with Feng Shui, may attract Unexpected disaster. When people pay attention to the feng shui of the house, they also pay attention to car feng shui. Here are some feng shui taboos for car interiors.

1, should not be placed with knives, swords, tigers, leopards and other weapon models and ferocious animal modeling car ornaments. The sword is a symbol of murderousness. The fierce animals such as the tiger leopard are likely to cause psychological cues, and long-term swings will help the owner's fierceness, which is not conducive to driving. 2. Don't place the same or different ornaments in your car. For example, the owner Zodiac is a horse, do not put the ornaments in the car, and it is advisable to place a mascot that matches their zodiac signs. In traditional forecasting, there is a saying called "clashing," which implies implied meaning. Rats should avoid placing horses, cows, bogey, goats, tigers, bogeys, monkeys, bogeys, rabbits, bogey, chickens, bogey, dogs, snakes, bogeys, pigs, bogeys, pigs, goats, bogeys Place tigers, chickens, rabbits, bogeys and pigs. 3, should not be placed cartoon characters. Often see someone in the car placed a cartoon character, from the perspective of feng shui, this car decorated with the meaning of the villain. 4, do not put angular perfume bottles. Perfume bottles are mostly glass, can reflect people's images, there will be a number of edges and corners of the formation, is the feng shui called sharp corners and light, so try not to place the car. 5, broken car ornaments should not be placed. Some fragile car accessories are easily damaged during driving. Once this happens, the mascot will lose its auspicious meaning. Damaged mascots must be replaced in time, otherwise it will affect the owner's fortune. In addition, don't throw away those broken ornaments, put them in a red cloth and store them in a storage cabinet, or you can bury them in the soil. 6, do not put beautiful photos. Men's car owners in the car hanging beautiful photos will not only affect traffic attention, but also in Feng Shui should also be avoided. 7. The direction of mascots can't be wrong. The direction of some mascots determines the auspicious effect, otherwise it will be counterproductive. Many cars have lucky cats placed in front of the car so that they face the front of the car instead of facing the driver. This will cause the Lucky Cat to recruit foreign money. 8, should not be placed in the car accessories. Implicitly impractical items are prone to counterproductive effects and have an impact on people's fortune and traffic safety. Be sure to pay attention. You can choose a car decoration, meditation, help clouds. Such as the safe Buddha, the transfer ball, etc., meaning auspicious, can be used.

In addition, do not ignore safety in order to display mascots. Look at the line of sight when placing it. Don't overlook the sight of the rearview mirror and rearview mirror. Hanging auspicious ornaments is intended to be auspicious and safe, and auspiciousness must be based on safety. The harmonious coexistence of people and cars is king.

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