3D printers will reach space for recycled plastics

The first space 3D printer was launched by NASA in September last year. Now, the manufacturer of the 3D-printer's space manufacturing company plans to cooperate with NASA again to launch a second 3D printer to recycle NASA's 10,000 sealed plastic bags launched into space.
Space Manufacturing's 3D printer can print objects under zero-gravity conditions and control them on the ground. This saves the most precious resources in space: the time of astronauts. According to the Christian Science Monitor, the 3D printer that is about to recycle waste parts and rubbish on space ships is called “R3DO,” and the space manufacturing company plans to make R3DO “work in space” over the next year and a half. ".
“Manufacturing in space enables human beings to live off the ground.” Jason Dunn, founder and chief technology officer of the space-manufacturing company, said at a recent International Space Station R&D meeting that the company’s goal is to make humans in space. Life in China is "more sustainable." In Dunn's view, human space travel is very much like wild camping. They have to bring all the necessary things. When things are not enough or they have problems, they have to go home. Dunn believes that the space 3D printer will make a major change in the way of future space travel.
For example, astronauts repair spacecraft in space is a huge challenge. With space 3D printers, the difficulty of repairing a spacecraft will be greatly reduced - it can provide astronauts with the necessary repair tools very quickly.
Scientists hope that space 3D printers will help Mars exploration missions. Because of the use of current rocket technology, it takes nine months to reach Mars from Earth. In the event of an emergency, it is difficult to provide astronauts with the necessary parts and tools in time. At this time, 3D printers may show their abilities.
The current use of 3D printing in the space sector is in the ascendant. In November last year, NASA astronaut Barry Wilmer installed the 3D printer of the space manufacturing company. For the first time, it received a 3D model document from Earth and printed the first item in space - a wrench of 11.4 cm in length. According to the U.S. space website, the European Space Agency also plans to send a 3D printer to space.

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