The 11th Shanghai International Bag Dust Collection Technology & Equipment Exhibition & Conference

By the China Environmental Protection Industry Association Bag Dust Collecting Committee, China Environmental Protection Industry Association Urban Living Waste Disposal Professional Committee, Northeastern University, China Occupational Safety and Health Association Industrial Dust Prevention Professional Committee, National Environmental Protection Industrial Smoke Control Engineering Technology Center, National Industry The 11th Shanghai International Bag Dust Collection Technology and Equipment Exhibition and Symposium co-sponsored by the Smoke Dust Removal Engineering Technology Center and co-organized by the Shanghai Cement Industry Association will be exhibited at the Shanghai Mart, December 5-7, 2012 The museum is held. This year's exhibition brought together many well-known companies at home and abroad. Its exhibition area was twice as high as in previous years, demonstrating its corporate strength. Up to now, nearly 100 companies from the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, Italy, South Korea, Japan, China and the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region have confirmed their participation. The number of booths has reached the highest number ever, and the scale can be described as a successor. first. The exhibition is organized by Shanghai Bowei Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. It is the only professional activity in the industry dedicated to the promotion of advanced technology for bag-type dust removal.

The China Environmental Protection Industry Association’s professional environmental protection website, GuTeng Environmental Protection Network, will once again join hands with the 9th Shanghai International Bag & Dust Collection Exhibition. There will be a media interview area on the exhibition site. Exhibitors will be invited to accept the valley's environmental protection network. Professional interviews and interviews will also be uploaded through GuTeng's editorial editors. This will allow more professional visitors who are unable to visit the site to be informed of the latest trends and latest technological achievements in the bag filter industry.

According to previous traditions, the “bag dust collection and PM2.5 seminar” will be held on the 4th day before the show at Shanghai Xinyuan Hotel. The seminar will focus on the status of bag dust removal technology and PM2.5 treatment. The launch was sponsored by the Baggage Dust Removal Committee of the China Environmental Protection Industry Association. At that time, leaders of the domestic environmental protection industry, well-known experts, users, and filter experts will be invited to speak at the conference.

On the afternoon of December 6th, the organizing committee of the Shanghai Cement Industry Association and Exhibition will hold a "Exchange of baghouse dust collecting enterprise and cement enterprise" on the afternoon of December 6th for both cement companies and exhibitors. Jointly discuss issues related to environmental protection and dust removal technologies, processes, and equipment, and build the most effective dialogue platform.

At the request of a large number of exhibitors and professional audiences, this year's exhibition will continue to hold several technical reports in the same period, aiming to promote the development of the environmental protection industry together with industry peers, promote the use of bag type dust removal technology, and exchange and display new technologies and new technologies. product.

Welcome more environmental protection companies and user friends to visit, exhibit and participate.

For more information, please visit the official website of the exhibition: http:// or call Mr. Ren Peng and Ms. Zheng Qiuhui.

Shanghai International Bag Dust Collection Technology and Equipment Exhibition & Conference Organizing Committee

November 2012

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