Tilted cylindrical part data perfect preset

Through the parameter design, the parameter values ​​of the system are reasonably matched. The parameter design is divided into programmable parameter design and non-computable occasion parameter design.
We know that quality fluctuations are not transferred by people's will. It is impossible to completely eliminate quality fluctuations, but it is possible to reduce quality fluctuations. The fundamental purpose of parameter design is to reduce quality fluctuations and design products with stable quality and reliability.
Conclusion From the analysis of variance, the tooth width coefficient A is a highly significant factor, and the helix angle B and the pinion number C are not significant factors. The best solution is the same as direct observation. The best solution is A3B1C3, that is, the tooth width coefficient = 0.45, the helix angle = 13b, and the pinion gear number = 34. Calculate the modulus and select the standard value mn=4.5mm, center distance a=318.67mm. After the parameter optimization, the center distance is shortened by 336.46-318.67=17.79mm. It is also possible to select the most significant factors according to the actual situation, and the non-significant factors are selected according to economic considerations, which is more practical in developing new products.

All-in-one Roll Materials Cutting Machine

All-in-one Roll Materials Cutting Machine

Flying Man all-in-one cutting machine can cut the width of 1-700mm, thickness up to 0.8mm of the materials, suitable for non-woven fabric cutting, aluminum foil cutting, copper foil cutting, reflective film cutting, plastic film cutting, Kraft paper cutting, etc. This automatic cutting machine is suitable to cut the wider width and wider diameter of roll materials. Increase the feeding drum, can straighten the material easy to fold, increase the feeding frame reduction gear, prevent processing too fast lead to the material roll because of inertia knotting and rolling to the ground, resulting in material breaking pull deformation, slip and scratch.

Automatic Paper Cutting Machine

This cutting machine has different models#FMHZ-400A/FMHZ-500A/FMHZ-600A/FMHZ-700A, cutting width from 1mm to 700mm, cutting thickness is different. The maximum cutting thickness is 0.8mm.


This machine is also known as non-woven fabric cutting machine, wall paper cutting machine, PVC film cutting machine, reflective film cutting machine, copper foil cutting machine, aluminum foil cutting machine, glass cloth cutting machine, fiber cloth cutting machine, mobile phone film cutting machine, plastic slice cutting machine, bubble film cutting machine, flannel cutting machine, etc.

Roll To Sheet Cutter,Film Cutting Machine,Non Woven Cutting Machine,Non Woven Fabric Cutting Machine

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