Automation Application Helps Construction Machinery Break Out

Automation Application Helps Construction Machinery Break Out All along, China's construction machinery industry has faced many problems like many other industries. The lack of independent innovation capabilities, the lack of core technologies, poor corporate management, and disordered market competition have all constrained its development. Many experts said that in the future, domestic construction machinery companies can only gain a firm foothold in the international market by strengthening their cultivation of “internal strength”, and ultimately achieve a “technological leap forward” in the “breakthrough” of the market.

After reviewing the data, the reporter found that the “Twelfth Five-Year Development Plan for Construction Machinery Industry” (hereinafter referred to as “Planning”) issued since mid-September clearly stated that the future of construction machinery would take the “Energy Conservation Road”.

Specifically speaking, the planning regulations will focus on low-carbon, green, high-efficiency, and energy-saving during the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” period. In-depth research on various technologies will be conducted in an in-depth manner. Strengthen the engine, hydraulic system, transmission components, and optoelectronic information systems. Reliability research; Through the optimization of product structure and lightweight design, transform traditional manufacturing processes, increase the scale of professional production, achieve savings of 5% of materials, reduce energy consumption by 15%, and the transition of most products from country II to country III , Including noise, vibration and other indicators meet the relevant national standards, some products reach the international advanced level, the company's production process emissions are basically pollution-free energy saving, reducing consumption, emission reduction development goals.

In fact, to achieve the established goals of “planning”, the application of automation products will be indispensable. In the exchange with Mr. Jin Daling, he also expressed that he would be optimistic about the application of automation products in the construction machinery industry in the future. “If construction machinery is to achieve the 'breakthrough' of technology, automation applications will be indispensable.”

According to the analysis, with the "labor shortage" in the engineering machinery industry at this stage, high labor costs have begun to restrict the development of China's construction machinery industry, and the use of advanced automation technology and products to reduce energy consumption has become a must for construction machinery enterprises. The road. In the future, automation companies must focus on the development direction of “intelligent, networked, and high-efficiency” to improve the safety, efficiency, and energy saving of construction machinery products, and strengthen the level of automation control to help users achieve energy-saving goals. Currently, automation products used in construction machinery are mostly general-purpose products. Therefore, users will pay more attention to “cost-effectiveness” when choosing. The future development of the industry will be oriented toward higher professional technical requirements and energy-saving and high-efficiency.

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