GM recalls 36,000 crossover vehicle tire pressure monitoring systems worldwide

According to Reuters, General Motors said on October 26 that it will recall at least 36,000 Chevrolet Equinox and GMC Terrain globally and repair the tire pressure monitoring system of the above-mentioned problem vehicles.

The recalled vehicles were mainly related to the 2012 models, and GM said that the reason for recalling these vehicles was due to the failure of the tire pressure monitoring system of these vehicles. Under normal circumstances, the tire detection system should automatically turn on the warning light when the tire pressure is lower than 25% of the normal value, but the above problems will only light up the warning light when the tire pressure is very low. Insufficient tire inflation will cause the tire to burst even Car accident.

Of the 36,000 vehicles to be recalled, 34,000 will be recalled in the United States. The rest will be recalled from Canada, Mexico, and some countries in the Middle East. The recalled vehicles were from July 18 to September 6 this year. During production.

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