Diesel engine market for automotive diesel engine sales fell in the first three quarters of 2011

According to statistics, during the first three quarters of 2011, 56 domestic automobile engine companies have accumulatively produced 12.2043 million engines, and sold 12.4642 million engines, an increase of 0.31% and 0.40% respectively from the same period of 2010.

Due to the seasonal factors of gold, nine silver and ten, the overall market continued to maintain a sequential growth trend in September, but whether this trend can continue until the end of the year, the decisive factor is in October. From the production and sales data of the engine of the month, the production and sales volume of 1,436,200 units and 1,445,700 units were respectively completed in September, which was 1.18% lower and 0.99% higher than the same period of 2010, respectively, and the year-on-year increase rate was significantly lower than that of the previous month. They were 9.83 and 4.87 percentage points, respectively; from the quarter-on-quarter increase, September production and sales increased by 12.71% and 14.43% respectively in August, maintaining the upward momentum since August.

In the first three quarters of 2011, the 23 diesel engine companies included in the statistics completed 2,694,600 units and 2,88,700 units of production and sales respectively, which was a decrease of 6.73% and 3.57% respectively from the same period of 2010. Specifically, there were 11 diesel engine manufacturers with monthly production of more than 10,000 units, which was the same as last month and one more than a year ago.

The rank order of the 11 enterprises by production volume is: Guangxi Yuchai, FAW Group, Anhui Quanchai, Weichai Holdings, Dongfeng, Kunming Yunnei, Jiangxi Jiangling, Dongfeng Chaochai, Shandong Huayuan Laidong, Weichai Power Yangchai and China National Heavy Duty Truck. In this very stable ranking table, there is only a small change in rankings, with little change.

Measured by the cumulative increase in production volume over the same period of the previous year, the performance in the first 9 months was relatively outstanding. The accumulatively more than 10% year-over-year growth rate was attributed to Weichai Power (16.78%), Jiangling Holdings (12.17%) and Shandong Hua. Source Lai (11.70%). Companies with more than double-digit declines in cumulative growth are China National Heavy Duty Truck (-33.06%), Dongfeng Chaochao (-18.59%), FAW Group (-18.38%), Anhui Quanchai (-14.32%), Weichai Holdings. (-13.77%) and Guangxi Yuchai (-11.71%). In addition to Dongfeng shares benefiting from the robustness of Dongfeng Cummins, the production of medium-heavy diesel engine manufacturers is in a relatively difficult position.

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