US researchers invent new materials for adsorbing greenhouse gases

US researchers recently invented a new material that can absorb carbon dioxide, helping to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions.

According to a report published on the 15th by the United States "Science" magazine, researchers at the University of California, Los Angeles used chemical synthesis to develop a new generation of zeolitic imidazolate framework materials (ZIFs) that can effectively adsorb factory chimneys and automobiles. Exhaust pipes emit carbon dioxide.

ZIFs are a class of materials with adjustable pore size and chemical properties. They have a high degree of stability and structural diversity, are able to separate substances, adsorb stored gases, and serve as catalysts for heterogeneous catalysis.

Researchers said that the new generation of ZIFs has a strong adsorption capacity and can cure carbon dioxide to prevent it from being released into the atmosphere. Then people can bury such carbon dioxide-absorbing material underground. For example, a 1 liter volume of ZIFs can absorb up to 83 liters of carbon dioxide.

Omar Yaki, the chemist who led the study, said that placing ZIFs around the inner wall of a carbon dioxide-emitting factory chimney can significantly reduce carbon dioxide emissions. If ZIFs are placed in the exhaust pipe of an automobile, they can achieve the same effect. .

However, U.S. Department of Energy officials believe that although the new generation of ZIFs materials may significantly reduce the cost of processing carbon dioxide, further tests are still needed.

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