Oil drilling equipment automation laboratory settled in Jingzhou

Recently, Rockwell Automation of the United States signed a strategic alliance agreement with Hubei Four-machine Selva Petroleum Drilling and Production Equipment Co., Ltd. in Jingzhou City to jointly invest and set up an oil drilling equipment automation laboratory. The laboratory is currently the only professional automation laboratory in China's oil drilling equipment manufacturing industry, with a total investment of 5 million yuan.

Rockwell has always planned to develop its business into the field of automation control of China's oil drilling equipment, and the four-machine Saiwa has advanced technology and good operating performance in the field of automation control of domestic oil drilling equipment. The joint venture between the two parties to set up an oil drilling equipment automation laboratory will not only provide strong technical support for the automation and development of the oil drilling equipment used in the four-machine race, but also create powerful conditions for the development of world-class oil drilling equipment, and will also provide It has effectively improved the automatic control level and high-tech content of China's oil drilling and production equipment, and has laid a good foundation for the petroleum machinery industry cluster in Jingzhou to become an important oil drilling and production equipment manufacturing base in the country.

It is understood that Rockwell brings together world-leading automation brands such as Alan Bradley, Ryan Electric, Dodge, and Rockwell Software, with annual sales revenue of US$4.3 billion in more than 80 countries worldwide Has more than 450 sales and technical support agencies. The four-machine Saiwa is a Sino-foreign joint venture joint venture between Sinopec Group Jianghan Petroleum Administration and the United States SERVA Group. It has successively undertaken seven key new product planning projects of the Ministry of Science and Technology and a national-level science-and-technology-initiated trade action plan. The National Torch Program Project is a national CAD engineering application and demonstration enterprise, a Hubei CIMS project application and demonstration enterprise, and a Hubei province manufacturing information technology project key demonstration enterprise.

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