Two major scientific instruments led by Jiangsu Province passed the national acceptance

[ Instrument Network Instrument Development ] Recently, the development and application of nano-patterned direct writing and imaging detection instruments and the development and application development of new high-resolution hybrid mass spectrometers developed by Jiangsu Province are two major scientific instruments. The equipment passed the comprehensive inspection and acceptance organized by the Ministry of Science and Technology. Among them, Kunshan Hexin's project “Development and Application Development of New High Resolution Hybrid Mass Spectrometer” won the praise of experts.

The development and application development of the new high-resolution hybrid mass spectrometer instrument led by Kunshan Hexin and the development and application of nano-patterned direct writing and imaging inspection instruments led by Su Daweige are the provinces of Jiangsu during the 12th Five-Year Plan period. Approved national major scientific instruments and equipment development special.
"Development and application development of new high-resolution hybrid mass spectrometer" was completed by 16 units inside and outside Kunshan Hexin United Province. It was the first time in China to realize the combination of different types of mass analyzers, and completed 3 international advanced mass spectrometers. R&D and engineering, the project results have been promoted and applied in more than 40 units across the country, providing support services for major scientific research in the Arctic and Arctic scientific research, and achieving breakthroughs in the export of domestic high-end mass spectrometers to developed countries in Europe and America.
The project “Development and Application of Nano Graphical Direct Writing and Imaging Detection Instruments” was jointly completed by Su Daweige and Shanghai Institute of Technology, Shanghai Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sciences. The project solves the problems of the controllable technology of micro-nano structured light field, the high-rate writing mechanism of graphics, the design and reliability of micro-nano structure and nano-precision multi-axis optomechanical system, and the development of maskless lithography. Key technologies, software and equipment for UV laser direct writing lithography; high efficiency lithography from nanophotonic crystal structure to micron-sized arbitrary structure, faster and more efficient than other laser direct writing technologies.
(Original title: Two major scientific instruments led by our province have passed national acceptance)

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