The number of romantic figures also sees the spirit of the new generation of Xichai people who have melted into the bones.

The entrepreneurial spirit of learning, innovation, resistance, and self-improvement is the booster for FAW Jiefang Engine Division (hereinafter referred to as the Business Division) to achieve enterprise talent training, and it is also the inexhaustible driving force for its leap-forward development. "The number of romantic figures still look at the present", this interview is Zhou Ming, born in 1989, he firmly implements the spirit of Xichai, and strictly demands himself. In the past 10 years, Zhou Ming has successively participated in the competitions of the Liberation Company, Wuxi City and even the whole country within the business department. He has won many awards and honors and has become the benchmark for the younger generation of Xi Chai people. In the young Zhou Ming, not only shows the spirit and technical strength of the Xichai workers, but also let us feel the spirit of the young Chai people who melt into the bones.

Zhou Ming Zhou Ming

Diligent learning attitude

When asked about what Zhou Ming was able to achieve today's results, Zhou Ming said, "Diligence can make up for it, which is the deepest insight I have entered into Xichai, and has always prompted me to make progress." Zhou Ming graduated from Wuxi Technician College in 2009 and entered the Xicai factory in the same year. practice. Zhou Ming said: "The most influential of me is the two masters of Xichai, who taught me the meaning of active learning and the connotation of 'diligence and ability'." Zhou Ming, who first entered the Xicai factory, arrived at the workshop every day, and the last one left. I have never shouted and tired, always convinced that only with a wealth of knowledge can I use it in my work and create a "core" of Xicai that the user is satisfied with.

“Mold grinding must be precise, not to be a bit sloppy. If it goes wrong, it will not only waste time, but also affect the follow-up progress.” Zhou Ming said that polishing the embryo is not only very demanding, but also very difficult for the plant. Familiar with. "The same action, repeated hundreds of times a day, even thousands of times, every time has to meet the standard..." In Zhou Ming's view, it is not difficult to do this, but in the long mechanical repetition, Always familiar with the function of each device without flustering is the need to continue to learn, practice and think. During the break, influenced by the factory master, Zhou Ming often read "CAXA Manufacturing Engineer: CNC Machining Programming Standard Course", "Metal Materials and Heat Treatment" and other books to learn advanced engine manufacturing technology.

Zhou Ming at work Zhou Ming at work

Innovative quality of active exploration

When talking about the big and small awards in the window, Zhou Ming said modestly: "I just found some problems in the work and solved them one by one." At work, Zhou Ming, who is diligent and studious, was fully supported. Encourage and support. In 2014, Zhou Ming found that the failure rate of the intake and exhaust valve seat on the cylinder head was higher than that of other components, so he carefully observed and combined with the theoretical knowledge of his own learning, and found that the benchmark of the gun hinge process did not coincide. Under the encouragement of the leaders, Zhou Ming looked through a large number of related books. After nearly one month of practical operation, he wrote a "specific procedure" for the difficulty of quality control of the gun hinge process. This technical improvement not only solves the quality problems that have plagued the workshop colleagues for a long time, but also greatly improves the efficiency of the workshop. It is the third prize of Zhou Ming's 2014 “Young Innovation and Effective Action” project.

Courageous code of conduct

When talking about the "First Prize of the 8th National NC Skills Competition", Zhou Ming said, "The business department has given me a broad development platform and created many opportunities for us. Plus, I also cherish every opportunity. Therefore, whether it is a competition in the business department or an external competition, I have taken it very seriously and basically got a good ranking." In August 2018, in view of Zhou Ming’s hard work, the attitude of working hard, the leadership recommended Zhou Ming participated in the selection of the representative of Jiangsu Province in the "8th National CNC Skills Competition". When he heard the news, he was more excited when he was excited. However, Zhou Ming quickly adjusted his state and invested in hard training. In order to squeeze more time for training, Zhou Ming only spent 2 days to familiarize with and understand the 3000 questions of the theoretical question bank. Finally, Zhou Ming from more than 1,000 people. The technical talents stood out and took the first place in the CNC milling industry in Jiangsu Province. On behalf of the CNC milling machine in Jiangsu Province, they went to Beijing to participate in the national competition in October. After the selection, Zhou Ming did not relax. He raced against the time in the next two months and squeezed out all the time training that could be used. Even the meal was solved in a hurry. Recalling that time, Zhou Ming said with a smile: "Every day The training is very hard. From morning to night, the spirit is highly concentrated, and the movements must be rapid. It takes 5 hours to process a part. During the period, it can't stop at all. The hand often grinds bleeding, and a training cycle can be used by mosquitoes to lick more than 40 bags. I should be 'mad' at that time, and I want to get a place with one heart." Paying will be rewarding, and all the way through, Zhou Ming will stand out from the 29 provincial-level teams and more than 700 top-level technical talents. It won the national first-class "CNC fitter--the first prize of the staff group". Zhou Ming said: "This honor is not only my personal honor, but also an opportunity to show the attitude and spirit of our younger generation of Xi Chai people to the industry and users."

Captured the national "CNC fitter--the first prize of the employee group" Captured the national "CNC fitter--the first prize of the employee group"

Unwavering spirit of Xichai

When the last reporter asked Zhou Ming to make these achievements and change his work and life, "the achievement is only a past tense for me, not to mention that I still have a lot to continue learning." In the past ten years, Zhou Ming His diligent efforts and continuous learning and innovation have created his outstanding expressiveness and influence in the field of work. He has won many awards and honors, and has become the benchmark for the younger generation of Xichai people.

Zhou Ming at work Zhou Ming at work

Zhou Ming, who has just turned 30, has begun to bring apprentices. On the basis of his master's teaching, he further cultivated the ability of the younger generation of Xi Chai people to think independently and actively innovate, and passed on the entrepreneurial spirit of the business department. Nowadays, the entrepreneurial spirit of learning, innovation, resistance and self-improvement of the business department is not only the help of Zhou Ming's work innovation, but also the principle that the younger generation of Xi Chai people abide by. At the same time, it is also the inheritance and development of the generation of Xicai people, which has strengthened the position of the business unit in the engine industry.

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