Vibration Transmitter Model: SDJ-9L, SDJ-9B, 9L Vibration Transmitter

Vibration Transmitter Model: SDJ-9L, SDJ-9B, 9L Vibration Transmitter

Based on the HN500 integrated vibration sensor, a liquid crystal display with backlight is added to display the vibration velocity RMS or vibration displacement peak-to-peak value through the LCD screen, and with a standard 4-20 mA current output, direct connection. DCS, PLC or other equipment truly realizes the “Sensor Ten Monitoring Instrument” type vibration monitoring function. This product is convenient for on-site observation and has excellent performance. It is also very affordable compared to the vibration monitoring instrument. It is an ideal for absolute vibration measurement and monitoring of factory equipment. select.

WIN8600Y, W1N8600Y-A01-B02-C02-D02 integrated vibration transmitter

1 Frequency response: 5~ 1000 Hz

2 Self-vibration frequency: 4.5Hz or 10Hz

3 Measurement range: 0~20mm/s (speed effective value) or 0~200um (displacement peak-to-peak value)

4 signal output: 4 ~ 20mA (± 0.05mA)

5 Output impedance: ≤500Ω

6 Working voltage: DC24V±10%

7 Wiring method: two-wire system

8 Measurement direction: universal

9 Operating environment: Temperature -40 ° C ~ 100 ° C Relative humidity ≤ 90%

10 Dimensions: φ35×70mm

11 Installation thread: M10×1.5 ×10

12 weight: about 300g

Vibration Transmitter Model: SDJ-9L, SDJ-9B, 9L Vibration Transmitter

The series integrated low-frequency vibration speed sensor is a seismic vibration speed sensor with a high natural frequency of the mechanical structure, and can pass a set of low-frequency expansion correction circuit, which can reach 0.5 Hz or lower. MLV/S-9 low-frequency vibration sensor not only maintains some characteristics of vibration speed sensor: such as anti-vibration, impact resistance, high stability, and good low-frequency output characteristics, it can directly output vibration displacement signal, that is, amplitude signal. MLV/S-9 integrated low-frequency vibration speed sensor is suitable for vibration monitoring, machine tool accuracy test, seismic monitoring and geological exploration of large hydro-generator units and low-speed rotary machines, vibration analysis of high-rise buildings and structures, dynamic deformation of subgrade and bridges. With vibration test. VS-020 vibration speed sensor

Fault monitoring: monitoring the absolute vibration of the rotating machinery, such as casing vibration, bearing vibration, frame vibration, etc.; monitoring due to rotor imbalance, misalignment, loose parts, rolling bearing damage, gear damage, etc. It has the characteristics of stronger anti-interference ability, higher precision and more reliable use. At the same time, the volume is smaller, the installation and maintenance are more convenient, and can be widely used in fans, pumps, compressors, and the like. The transmitter integrates a variety of measurement circuits and current transmission circuits, which can measure various measured parameters with high precision and convert them into 4~20mA current output of the corresponding range. Can access DCS, PLC and data acquisition systems. It is equipped with a vibration speed sensor to monitor the absolute vibration of the rotating machine, such as bearing vibration, casing vibration, frame vibration and other vibration (speed) values ​​or displacement values.
Vibration Transmitter.SDJ-703 Vibration Transmitter.SDJ-705 Vibration Transmitter Vibration Transducer.ZH2012 Programmable Dual Channel Vibration Monitor (Amplitude, Intensity General); Intrinsically Safe Integrated Vibration Transmitter .RDCZ Series (Intelligent) Type Differential Expansion Monitor Series Shaft Vibration Monitor. RDXZ -2 Series Shaft Vibration Monitor BSQ015A-A02-B01-C01 Vibration Intensity Transmitter

Series Shaft Vibration Monitor. CZJ-B3 Series Vibration Monitor HZD-B-6B, hzd-b-6d, 0-20mm/s Vibration Transmitter

Vibration monitoring and protection instrument. JM-X-3 series intelligent travel monitoring and protection device

Intelligent axial displacement monitoring and protection instrument. JM-X-3Z intelligent differential expansion monitoring and protection instrument series intelligent travel monitoring and protection instrument. JM-C-3 series intelligent speed monitoring and protection instrument wall-mounted anti-speed monitoring and protection instrument. JM-C- 5S speed monitoring and protection device

Series intelligent speed monitoring and protection instrument. JM-C-6C three take two speed monitoring protection instrument vibration transmitter. JM-B-3B2 Watt vibration transmitter

Integrated Watt Vibration Transmitter. JM-B-33 Integrated Shaft Vibration Transmitter

Vibration switch. JM-B-36 vibration transmitter

Vibration switch. JB68 series electric measuring transducer

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