How to catch up with the automatic transmission of manual vehicles in the world

Nowadays, in the Chinese auto market, there is an “automatic” wind, and as long as the car is an automatic transmission, it will suddenly appear tall. This does not, automatic transmission in the field of passenger cars is only the main force of first-line and part of the second-tier cities, has not yet been popular in the case of trucks have appeared in automatic transmission, now is the heavy car of the heavy truck, and there is still Auman's EST-A heavy truck and so on. AMT is still racking its brains for how to open the market. CNHTC has to engage AT with Allison. Is this a move to grab the ball or to consider the market?

As we all know, the domestic heavy-duty truck market is almost the world of manual transmission. Most of the card-members still think of clutches and shift levers in the subconscious of heavy-duty trucks; and whether they are on the market or on the road, they are almost always manual models. . In the face of the new AMT, many card members will certainly be surprised when they think. How far is it from me? Talk to everyone today about this topic.

First of all, everyone thinks about price first. That's right, this is the most direct question. Cardmates may wish to compare themselves. Other models with the same configuration have more automatic transmissions than manual transmissions. In the price war, automatic transmission models naturally have no advantage. After all, before the advent of AMT, the manpower and material costs invested by car companies in the entire R&D test process needed to be recovered at the sales terminal, that is, our car owners paid for these costs. AT after the market is also bound to this routine.

Second, the status of manual weight cards is tough. Now manual transmission technology is very mature and its popularity is very high. For example, the manual transmission of Fast has undergone actual tests. It is not picky on road conditions and working conditions. It has been praised by card friends. In contrast, automatic transmission has just entered the market, and there is no foothold and no natural reputation. accumulation. Although it is more effortless to drive, due to various reasons, more card-friends do not trust the automatic weight-blocking card, which is also a threshold for automatic weight-blocking cards to enter the market.

The market share of large-scale commercial vehicles in European countries such as Germany will reach 70%-80%. Most people will have questions about “Automatic transmission is suitable for China’s national conditions?”. After all, most roads with heavy trucks in China have poor road conditions, and the load on the vehicles is relatively large. The most basic and important requirements for vehicles are rugged and durable; and now the value of domestic automobile transportation policy changes, the greater the investment in transportation vehicles. May take more risks. Transport prices are also a non-negligible factor. The sluggish domestic freight market is now a consensus, and the period for retrieving the cost of manual transmission models is already very long, and automatic transmission models are more obtrusive and obstinate.

There are also maintenance issues that we are all very concerned about. The logic of the automatic transmission is complex, and the maintenance requirements of electronic components are strict. Naturally, the cost is more or less increased; and the maintenance period must be within the specified range, which may cause difficulties for some card lovers who travel long distances. Because it has not been popularized, there are few authorization points for maintenance and repair capabilities. Most of the automatic models are to go to different places to maintain, virtually increase the expenditure, and some remote areas are blind areas of automatic transmission electronic components and other maintenance.

Judging from the developed countries with comprehensive automotive culture, truck transmission automation is also a development trend of our country. However, there are many problems to be solved by the ordinary people’s car companies. The first thing to bear is to reasonably control the profit margins, and the price will be better for the people. Many users have to consider; car companies must have to play, comprehensive national conditions, accurate grasp of market trends, and practical considerations for the needs of users, from the after-sales maintenance, car performance and many other considerations. When the car companies have balanced these factors, it is believed that the era of heavy-duty trucks will appear in the near future.

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