YA type circular vibrating screen instructions (1)

1 , use
YA circular vibrating screen is mainly used in coal, metallurgy, mining, power generation, building materials industry, hydraulic engineering, light industry and chemical industry. A high-efficiency screening machine for classifying bulk materials such as coal, ore, and coke .
2 , working principle and structural characteristics
The movement of the vibrating screen is driven by a motor through a triangular tape to drive a vibrator having an eccentric mass, and the screen box is vibrated, and the movement path of the screen box is circular.
The vibrating screen is composed of a screen box, a vibrator, a spring damper device and a support chassis. As shown in Figure 1. The screen box is connected by advanced ring groove rivets to form a frame structure. The vibrator uses an eccentric shaft and an eccentric block. The spring damping device uses a steel coil spring.
Figure 1 vibrating screen outline drawing
1-hanger; 2-spring damping device; 3-screen box; 4-motor;
5-vibrator; 6-discharge port; 7- lifting hole; 8-supporting chassis
3 , installation, adjustment and commissioning
(1) Before installing the machine, first check the packing list to see if the parts are complete and damaged. The vibrator must be re-disassembled and assembled and replaced with clean lubricating oil if it has been more than six months from the date of delivery. .
(2) Installation is carried out with reference to the installation drawing, wherein the supporting chassis must be horizontally mounted on the foundation, and the foundation should have sufficient rigidity and strength to support the full dynamic load and static load of the vibrating screen.
(3) There are lifting ears at the four corners of the screen box. There are lifting holes at the four corners of the supporting chassis. As shown in Figure 1, the whole sieve cannot be hung directly on the vibrator.
(4) Ensure that the screen box maintains a minimum gap of 7.5 mm between non-moving parts such as hoppers and chutes.
(5) Referring to Figure 2, ensure that there is a 10 mm gap between the spring seat and the friction damper plate on the screen box.
Figure 2 spring damping device
301-damper spring; 302-positioning block; 303-spring seat; 304-end cover; 305-damper block;
306=damping spring; 307-spring upper support; 308-bolt; 309-screen box trunnion
(6) The damping spring is matched according to the free height, so that the free heights of the springs on the left and right sides of the front end or the rear end are as equal as possible, and the difference is not more than 5 mm. After the screen box is installed, the screen surface is kept horizontal, otherwise, the spring can be A thin iron piece is placed between the seat and the support member.
(7) The spring must be in a vertical state. The contact surface between the spring support and the spring must be in a horizontal state. After adjustment, the spring upper support is fixed to the sieve box trunnion by bolts, and then welded into one body.
(8) The direction of the vibrating screen drive is set to stand at the feeding end, facing the flow direction of the material, observe the position of the motor, and obtain the left or right direction drive. When replacing the driving direction, refer to Figure 2, remove the vibrator tape wheel from the balance wheel and retighten it to the other side balance wheel.
(9) Ensure that the tension of the triangular tape is sufficiently adjusted to ensure that the grooves corresponding to the two tape wheels are in one-to-one correspondence in the respective planes.
(10) After the installation and adjustment is completed, no less than 2 hours of no-load test operation shall be carried out. The operation is required to be stable, no abnormal noise, amplitude and motion track meet the requirements, and the maximum temperature of the bearing exceeds 75 °C.
(11) The vibrator must be turned by hand (or other methods) before commissioning. When the rotation is flexible and there is no jamming, the machine can be officially started.
4 , lubrication
(1) The vibrator bearing is lubricated with thin oil. After 40 hours of initial operation, the oil is changed. The normal service life is about 800 hours.
(2) The amount of oil injected depends on the size of the vibrator. Referring to Table 1, when the oil level check rod shown in Fig. 3 is removed, a small amount of oil droplets are continuously dripped, indicating that the oil amount is correct. If the oil overflows a lot, the oil level is too high.
Table 1 Oil gauge
Screen width (mm)
Oil quantity (liters)
Vibrator model
twenty two
Figure 3 vibrator
101-eccentric shaft; 102-shaft cover; 103-bearing; 104-tape wheel; 105-shaft end gland;
106-bolt; 107-washer; 108-bolt; 109-washer; 110-isolation ring; 111-seal plate;
112-bolt; 113-washer; 114-bearing; 115-high-strength bolt; 116-high-strength nut;
117-high strength washer; 118-O type seal ring; 119-O type seal ring; 120-vent plug;
121-venting cap; 122-oil cup; 123-seal; 124-oil seal; 125-balance wheel;
126-key; 127-eccentric block; 128-screw; 129-washer; 130-oil level check rod; 131-drain plug
(3) Lubricating oil adopts SY1172-80 "industrial gear oil". When the ambient temperature is less than 5 °C, it is No. 70. When the ambient temperature is greater than 5 °C, it is No. 90.
(4) The vibrator is sealed with ZL45-2 lithium -based grease in the labyrinth slot between the sealing plate and the spacer ring as shown in Fig. 3. The oil cup is fully filled with grease once a week.
5 , operation
(1) Before the operation, both sides check the oil level at the same time. If the oil level is too high, the temperature of the vibrator will rise or the operation will be difficult. If the oil level is too low, the bearing will be damaged prematurely.
(2) Check the tightening degree of all bolts and retighten once after 8 hours of initial work.
(3) Check the tension of the triangular tape to avoid slipping during starting or work, and to ensure the alignment of the triangular tape wheel.
(4) Ensure the clearance between all moving parts and the fixture.
(5) The sieve should be started without load. After the sieve is running smoothly, the feeding can be started. Before the shutdown, the feeding should be stopped first, and the material on the sieve surface should be drained before stopping.
(6) The feed trough should be as close as possible to the feed end, and as far as possible, the feed should be uniformly distributed along the full width of the sieve. The direction of the feed trough is consistent with the running direction of the material on the sieve surface, so as to obtain the best screening effect. The maximum drop from the trough to the screen surface is not more than 500mm, ensuring the minimum impact of the material on the screen surface.
(7) As shown in Fig. 4, the vibrator rotates in the direction of the flow, increasing the running speed of the material, increasing the productivity, reducing the screening efficiency, turning the direction of the flow, reducing the running speed of the material, reducing the production capacity, and improving the screening. effectiveness.
Figure 4: Feeding or reverse rotation

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