Guangdong Yangtang Tungsten Mine Concentrator

(I) The general mining area is located in Wuhua County, Guangdong Province. The mine was discovered in 1958 and began to be mined. In 1959, it was returned to the state. To build the first 80 tons / day re-election plant, put into operation by improved equipment and heavy media cyclone, now beneficiation plant production capacity of up to 220 tons / day.
The mine is developed for Pingshuo, and the open field method is used for mining. The ore dressing plant is located on a hillside about 300 meters away from the mouth of the mouth, and the original mine is transported to the concentrating plant by electric motor.
The mine's own diesel power station is powered by 6.6 kV and sent to the concentrator after being depressurized by a 180 kVA transformer. Water is taken from surface water (mountain stream), downhole water and backwater, and the dry season is mainly backwater. The tailings flow into the tailings pond through the open ditch (slope 6~7%), and the hand-selected waste rock is transported by motor vehicle to the ravine near the tailings pond.
(II) Process 1. Raw ore properties The ore processing ore is quartz vein type black tungsten ore. The main metallic minerals are wolframite, pyrite, pyrrhotite followed by a magnetite. The gangue minerals are mainly quartz and a small amount of feldspar and fluorite . The surrounding rock is granite , and the surrounding rock contains tungsten grade of 0.01~0.024%. The ore has a specific gravity of 2.7~2.8, a water content of 4~5%, and a mud content of 7%. The black tungsten ore is unevenly embedded in thickness, but is mainly composed of coarse grain. The ore depletion rate is 70%.
2. Current production process of the process, including secondary hand selection, heavy medium, two-stage closed-circuit crushing rough selection process (see Figure 1 below); one closed-circuit grinding, three-stage jigging, four-stage washing, and poverty The process of re-election of rich sorting (see Figure 2 below); the selection process of grading, flotation and flotation of coarse ore concentrates of different grain sizes and grades (see Figure 3 below).



The ore dressing plant has a higher depletion rate according to the original ore. The tungsten is mainly composed of coarse-grained inlays, and the specific gravity of the gangue is greater than the specific gravity of the surrounding rock of 0.05~0.2. The plant has successfully used the heavy medium beneficiation method to make the ore dressing plant produce. The capacity and the grade of ore tungsten selected are nearly doubled. This has reduced the grade of tungsten ore in China in recent years, the depletion rate is higher, the efficiency of -12 mm grain-level hand-selected waste rock is low, and the technology of heavy medium dressing is promoted. The plan has a certain meaning. Of course, the current heavy medium equipment wear and media recovery system of the plant have to be further solved and improved.
The plant's tungsten losses accounted for 3% of the pyrite and selected overflows. Further improving the re-grinding of pyrite and improving the selected fine treatment process and method will contribute to the improvement of the beneficiation recovery rate.
3. Introduction of heavy medium cyclone selection The proportion of surrounding rock is 2.60~2.65, the proportion of gangue is 2.65~2.85, and the ore size is -12+3 mm. The weighting agent is the by-product pyrite concentrate of the plant, with a specific gravity of 5, and a fineness of -200 mesh accounts for 30-40%. The proportion of selected media is 1.9~2.2, and the specific gravity is 2.65~2.70. The mine ratio is 1:8~1:12. The sorting cyclone is a gray cast iron piece with a diameter of 380 mm, a taper of 20 degrees, a feed port diameter of 57 mm, a grit port of 28 to 31 mm, and an overflow port of 63 mm. Installation angle: center line and horizontal angle 30 For the process flow and main equipment, please refer to the contact diagram of the heavy medium cyclone equipment (see Figure 4 below). In the operation of the medium amount of control, the use of a 4 吋 horizontal sand pump, the outlet is equipped with 2.5 吋 pipe transport medium, as long as the mine reaches the constant pressure tank overflow 稍 or a little overflow. The adjustment of the specific gravity of the medium is based on the current index of the ammeter on the transport medium sand pump circuit to grasp the change in specific gravity. In combination with the size of the medium and the discharge of the light and heavy products, the adjustment target is achieved by adding a concentrated medium or a thin medium to the concentrated medium agitation tank.

Figure 4

Regarding the recovery of the medium and the use of the circulating balance: the 900×2700 double layer is descreened and the 2/3 concentrated medium is taken under the sieve. Directly enter the circulation system, in the lower part of 1/3, add washing water on the sieve to introduce the washed dilute medium into the dilute medium agitation tank, concentrate it through the cyclone and then transfer it into the concentrated medium agitation tank, and the cyclone overflows through the inclined After the tank is concentrated, it is fed into a dilute medium agitation tank, thus forming a medium circulation working system. The concentrated medium recovery of the plant accounts for 98.64% of the working medium, which ensures the continuity of normal production. The medium consumption is about 0.3 kg/ton in terms of qualified ore. The amount of waste rock selected accounts for 17% of the original ore and accounts for about 50% of the qualified ore. The grade of tungsten in waste rock is 0.03~0.04%. After the ore is enriched, the grade of heavy product tungsten is doubled before the selection. The unit cost of raw ore is 8.1% lower than that of single grinding and washing. Several main materials The consumption is shown in Table 1 below. [next]

(3) Main equipment of the concentrator (see Table 2 below)
Because the factory is simple, the self-made mechanical sampling machine replaces the manual scraping tape to sample and measure, the water bucket replaces the relay, and several sampling machines are controlled at the same time, and the effect is good.

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