Gold mine tailings treatment and utilization

Gold mine tailings dust easily in case of wind blowing, easy to drain water, piling up long-term, not only occupy a lot of land, while the tailings dust hazardous to the environment, we propose several simple treatment methods on the status of tailings pollution.
I. Status of gold mine tailings pollution
There are nearly 100 gold mine tailings in Zhaoyuan City, most of which are valley-shaped, hill-shaped and flat. Most of them have been covered with soil, some are being used, some are not covered with soil, and some are pressed one layer. Thin soil is easy to form a second dust hazard and still affects the surrounding environment.
Because the gold mine tailings are fine in size and contain ore dressing chemicals and metal ions, in case of strong winds, especially in the dry season from March to June, the tailings are scraped yellow sand and dust, flying into villages, farmland and orchards. It is polluted, and the resulting pollution disputes will directly affect the stability and unity of society.
Tailings generally pass three kinds of ways to pollute the environment: one is that the tailings escapes some harmful gases during the weathering process and is polluted by the atmosphere; the other is the extremely fine tailings sand that is blown by the wind ( Even sandstorms can be formed, causing serious damage to the surrounding environment. Third, in the flood season, tailings, together with rainwater, flow into farmland and rivers, causing damage to groundwater.
In summary, tailings pollution occupies land, damages landscapes, destroys soil, harms organisms, blocks rivers, and pollutes the atmosphere.
Second, tailings pollution control method
The simplest and most feasible methods for the treatment and utilization of tailings are as follows: In areas where the soil is sufficient, it is possible to use 10-20 cm soil and then plant, cover the soil and expand the area of ​​cultivated land. This method is suitable for the valley-shaped tailings pond. This method has been affirmed for many years. However, there are also soil layers that are pressed due to pressure, resulting in secondary dust hazards. The second is to use organic waste to degrade and cure the gold mine tailings dust, and select appropriate seeds and substrates to make the plants germinate and grow quickly to achieve the purpose of vegetation utilization. This method of controlling tailings has, through several years of practice, explored some experiences, especially in the selection of biodegradable solid waste, matrix, seed selection and seed germination time, and some have been successful. It overcomes the disadvantages of occupying a large number of soil layers and being inconvenient to be controlled by the shape of the tailings. At the same time, there are many possibilities in desert governance. The third is to use the tailings to develop building materials. Some silica sand, sandstone or vein quartz in the gold mine tailings can be utilized. Brick is the most common building material. It is also a good method to use tailings bricks. It is made by adding a certain amount of lime to make bricks, then sent to the carbonization chamber, and carbonized into CO2, which not only increases the pressure of the bricks, but also reduces the pressure of the bricks. The land was destroyed and the economic benefits were considerable. Tailings can also produce flat glass and various insulation, heat insulation and sound insulation materials. In addition, the extraction of useful metals from tailings has also been utilized.
Third, some suggestions for tailings treatment
A large amount of tailings is produced in the gold production process, so it is necessary to grasp several problems. First, the site selection of the tailings pond must be reasonable, which is the basis for the management and utilization of the tailings pond. The second is that the used tailings pond is immediately reclaimed. Generally, the thickness of the covering soil should be above 400-600 mm, which is suitable for planting, so that the tailings are no longer polluted. The third is to plant plants that can cover the dam surface, such as plants with dense branches and leaves, well-developed roots and easy reproduction, which can protect the soil and stabilize the embankment and achieve a thorough treatment effect. The fourth is to develop a strict management system for gold mine tailings. Whoever pollutes who manages, whoever uses it, rewards and rewards, and guarantees the smooth implementation of tailings treatment.

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