Granulation equipment - disc granulator

The disc granulator is shown in Figure 1. It is called a ball-making disc in China's cement industry. The installation angle is 40°-55°, the number of revolutions is 19-45r/min, the disc depth is 0.4-0.55m, water and feed are added. The location is as shown.

Figure 1 Disc granulator

This kind of equipment should generally be installed in the shed to prevent dust from flying. Semi-industrial tests conducted by the US Bureau of Mines have shown that both mist spray and batch wetting of ore can effectively concentrate ore; however, for fine mud and tailings, jetting coarse droplets is most effective. A 6.3m diameter disc granulator can produce 90t pellets per hour. The domestic diameter 2.8m disc granulator handles 8~15t/h. This equipment has the advantages of being suitable for various materials. More dust.

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