How to replace the truck three filters

Everyone knows that timely replacement of "three filters" can effectively extend the life of vehicles. If you are the first time you have heard about "three filters," don't worry, this small editor will briefly introduce the three filters.

The oil filter, air filter and fuel filter make up the three filters. Their role is to improve the internal working environment of the car. The oil filter is used to remove various impurities in the oil to ensure the normal operation of the oil.

The air filter filters air before it enters the cylinder to remove foreign particles such as impurities and dust. The fuel filter filters harmful particulates and moisture in the engine's fuel system to protect the oil pump nozzles, cylinder liners, etc.

Say how to replace this three filter. Open the hood of the power engineering vehicle first, and use tools to remove the four fixing bolts on the air cleaner box diagonally. Open the upper cover of the air filter box, directly out of the air filter, it has no other fixing method. Then clean the air filter. From above, remove the seal on the filter element, place it on top of the new filter, and follow the removal procedure. Please be careful not to misplace or have gaps here.

Then how to change the oil filter? This is not what one can do at home. It is necessary to raise the car to get it. Usually it is 4s. Here again, find the oil drain plug at the bottom of the vehicle, remove the oil plug, find a bucket to catch the missing waste oil, and screw the new oil filter on the seat until the seal ring and the mounting surface Touch and tighten it with a wrench. Then start the engine and see if there is any oil leakage in the sealed area. If there is any, please turn off the engine and tighten it. Then try again until it does not leak. Then add the oil, add the oil to the engine to find the oil inlet first, then add oil, check the oil dipstick and fill it with ok.

First of all, we need to pull out the key of the vehicle and disconnect the power supply of the vehicle so as to avoid pumping out gasoline when the oil pump is disassembled. Then, remove the seat cushions of the rear seats and the cover plate on the oil pump. At this point, you can see the oil pump assembly. The oil pump assembly is fixed with a black snap ring. Remove the line plug on the oil pump and use a special tool behind the oil pipe to remove the snap ring. Then remove the snap ring to remove the oil pump assembly and replace it with a new one. It would be nice to replace the oil pump assembly with the fuel filter.

The above is more difficult to change the filter, if not very professional, it is not recommended to replace it, if you want to try to find the video in accordance with their own car models. (Wen/Jun Xun)

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