S&A chiller CW-5200 for 20W Coherent diode-pumped solid state laser

Today, a customer from Gemany visit S&A chiller new facotry, who has bought S&A chiller CW-5200 of 1.4KW cooling capacity to cool 20W Coherent diode-pumped solid state laser half a year ago.

The customer said he had purchased three brands chiller to test for over 5 months. However,it is very impress with S&A brand chiller, especially the high precision temperature contol and stable performance.

Thanks for the trust and support.

CW-5200 technical parameter:


laser chiller




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Blister Forming Machine

Blister forming machine application

Blister forming machine is suitable for PVC, PE, PET, PETG, PP, PC, PS, HIPS, APET and so on , the machine furnace produce heat to soften the plastic sheet, then vacuum pump sucks the plastic sheet down to the forming mould area to finish the forming, different forming mould enable to have different forming shape 
It`s suitable for the blister packaging in toys, hardware, food, electronic products, medicine, commodity, etc. 

Advantages of blister forming machine

1.    The second mode.

2.    Vibratuion demould.

3.    Delay vacuum.

4.    Electric pull of.

5.    Province electricity save material.

6.    Can work for 24 hours.

7.   Heating sysrem indepenfent control.

8.   The imported high quality brand electrical accessories.

9.   Length,width can be flexible fine – tuning.

10. Reduce the cost to improve efficiency.

Blister Forming Machine

Automatic blister forming machine

Blister Forming Machine

Blister Forming Machine,Vacuum Blister Forming Machine,Manual Blister Forming Machine,PVC Blister Forming Machine

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