Engine shake and noise after changing the pump

Engine shake and noise after changing the pump
Core Tip: Domestic Car Maintenance Case Carburetor Cherokee No High-Speed, Accelerated Powerless Fault Phenomenon A four-cylinder Beijing Cherokee equipped with a carburetor trips without a high-speed, acceleration-failure fault. Troubleshooting and analysis of the problem First of all, the customer was asked about the problem, and the customer suggested that the car had this problem very early, but it was not obvious. just now

Domestic Car Maintenance Example Carburetor Cherokee No High Speed, Accelerated Powerless Fault Phenomenon A four-cylinder Beijing Cherokee equipped with a carburetor tripped without a high-speed, acceleration-failure fault. Troubleshooting and analysis of the problem First of all, the customer was asked about the problem, and the customer suggested that the car had this problem very early, but it was not obvious. Now developed to idle speed, the maximum speed can only reach 80kn / h. After the maintenance personnel to determine the road test, the customer description is correct, at high speed can hear the hum of the engine.

According to the above symptoms, the ignition timing is first adjusted, and the distributor is tested and maintained at the same time. As a result, the trial is invalid, the engine is still weak, and the failure remains. Suspected of a failure of the carburetor, it may be because the mixture is too thin, resulting in weak driving, so the carburetor was also maintained. After loading the car, start the engine and observe the fuel supply of the carburetor. When the engine speed is maintained at 2500r/nin, there is an outward injection phenomenon at the inlet of the carburetor, and it is considered that the intake valve is not closed tightly or the valve timing is incorrect. When the gas mixture entering the cylinder returns to the throttle during piston compression and meets the mixed gas phase that is to be ejected from the throat, the mixed gas is pushed out of the inlet of the carburetor, causing the gasoline to spray outwards. After discussions with a number of masters, it was decided to remove the cylinder head and inspect the intake and the valve.

During the inspection process, there was a slight leakage of the HR gates. After grinding and repairing and replacing the valve oil seal, the engine was tested. The engine speed is restored to 3000r/nin, and the phenomenon is obviously improved. After a road test, it was found that the speed increased to more than 100kn/h. Although it has improved, it has still not met the standards and the use requirements for the overhauled factory.

Afterwards, a new carburetor was replaced and the test was carried out. The failure was still not solved. Check again that the ignition system has still not found the source of the fault. All cylinder pressures were detected and all cylinder pressures were found to be high. Based on this point, it is again determined that there is a problem with the mechanical part of the vehicle!

Finally decided to do a thorough dismantling inspection of this engine. During the inspection process, it was found that the valve seals that had been installed for the last time had all come off. How could this happen? It seems that it may be due to poor air quality. So with this doubt continue to dismantle the engine and exhaust pipe. Finally, after removing the HR tube, it was found that the HR tube had text/Yang Bo tow-bottom deformation, and the muffler was not equipped with the original model at all. It was obviously modified by other models!

After careful examination of this muffler, we understood the real cause of the malfunction. The original reason is that the exhaust pipe muffler is blocked and the Ht air is not smooth, causing the oil seal to fall off, and the engine has no high speed. The engine runs smoothly at idle, and no shaking phenomenon occurs. However, when the engine speed rises above 2500r/nin, the Ht gas volume increases a lot. As the exhaust gas is not smooth, the exhaust gas cannot be discharged in time, and the pressure corresponding to the pressure of H忾 increases accordingly. The pressure acts through the HR door conduit gap at the H-sluice oil seal, and the valve oil seal is opened, causing the valve oil seal to fall off. During the rotation of the crankshaft, the inlet Ht valve will have a certain valve overlap angle. Due to the sharp increase in HR pressure, the gas pressure transitions to the inlet of the carburetor through a small valve overlap opening, and the corresponding inlet pipe vacuum decreases due to poor gas flow. Thus, the carburetor gas mixture is passed through. A back spray appeared.

Replace the Ht tube installed on the Uehara model, assembled the engine, and once again conducted a road test, found that the failure phenomenon disappeared, the engine restored the original power fg (£i change the pump after the engine jitter and there is no noise Wen / Yuan Xingyu failure phenomenon Honda After replacing the squeezing water pump with the Accord car, there was a phenomenon of large engine vibration and accelerating noise, which caused dissatisfaction from the customer.

After troubleshooting, the engine will no longer cause the vibration to exacerbate the loudness of the pump. When replacing the pump, the timing belt must be removed. The timing belt of the Honda Accord sedan is different from other models. It not only has camshaft timing belts that other models have, but also balance-shaft timing belts that ordinary vehicles do not have. The method of adjusting the balance shaft timing belt is different from the general adjustment method of the camshaft timing, and it is easy to cause the balance shaft timing error. If the balance shaft timing is incorrect, poor balance of the engine will result in increased vibration. At the same time, because the balance-shaft timing belt operates in an unbalanced state, the engine generates periodic noise, which increases noise.

In order to reduce the vibration of a general engine, a balancing block is used on the crankshaft to solve the balance problem. In addition to balancing blocks, Honda also uses a relatively complex double-balanced shaft structure to reduce engine vibration. The double balance shaft is driven by the balance shaft timing belt. The timing method of the timing belt at the time of installation has its particularity, as shown in 圄1. When balancing the shaft timing, the bolt 8 should be removed, insert the special tool 9 into the 8 hole, turn the corresponding balance shaft, until the 9 is placed in the shaft hole, which means that the timing belt has been reached and the timing belt is attached. 9 remove, then install 8 can.

In general, we must refer to the installation instructions on the repair manual for operation when repairing. Otherwise it will be easy to cause trouble and lead to repairs. (51

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