Aiming at the 2016 market trend The annual festival of commercial vehicle industry was held in Beijing

On January 15, 2016, the “2015 Annual Festival of Commercial Vehicle Industry” was held in Beijing.

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According to reports, the “2015 Commercial Car Festival of the Year” is a high-end media commercial vehicle sector of the commercial vehicle sector, the Ministry of Transportation, the Highway Research Institute, the China Automotive Technology Center, Beijing Institute of Technology, Tongji University, Chang'an University, and Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics. Unit co-hosted. The ceremony was strongly supported by the China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing, China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, China Automotive Engineering Society, China Internal Combustion Engine Industry Association, and China Automobile Dealers Association, and the main vehicles and parts for commercial vehicles from the international and domestic markets. More than 200 people including enterprises, mainstream media, and group users attended the event.

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This year's annual event is divided into three parts: the 2015 Commercial Vehicles Annual Forum, the 2015 User Satisfaction Survey, and the 2016 Commercial Vehicle Awards.

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At the 2015 annual forum for the commercial vehicle industry, Zhong Weiping, the chief editor of the commercial vehicle industry, reviewed and summarized the keywords of the 2015 commercial vehicle market, such as the overall trend of sales of commercial vehicles, the transformation of commercial vehicle dealers, and the involvement of the Internet+. The emergence of new energy city logistics vehicles. In the following four roundtable discussions, the typical representatives of the commercial vehicle industry chief Zhong Weiping and commercial vehicles in various fields respectively discussed the impact of the O2O model on the traditional operating model of passenger cars, the Chinese government auto foreign aid and export forum, and how to meet the needs of users for innovation. The four themes of the old driver's story, including in-depth and exciting exchanges, brought a "grounding gas" commercial vehicle interview feast to the guests. According to reports, guests of the round table discussion included Xu Liquan, deputy director of the Beijing Bus Group Line Network Center, Liu Tian, ​​vice president/partner of the Beijing Bus Group, Li Yongzhang, director of the Hengbei Logistics Business Center, and Sun Xiaohong, director of the China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Machinery and Electronic Products. Wang Du, deputy secretary-general of the secretariat of the China Automobile Dealers Association, Yu Wenzhi, deputy general manager of Sinotruk International Co., Ltd., Sun Qi, senior ambulance driver of the Beijing Emergency Medical Center, and Volvo professional trainer trained by an ordinary driver Cui can and so on.

Live awards

The release of 2015 commercial vehicle brand selection results and the 2016 commercial vehicle awards set off another climax for the entire festival. For commercial vehicles and spare parts companies, the achievement of these two honours is a manifestation of their strength and quality. According to the 2015 annual user surveys, the heavy truck group, the medium card group, the light truck group, and the large and medium-sized passenger coach groups are respectively 46 brands of light buses, light buses, engine groups, tire groups, and lubricants groups were selected as “2015 users are most satisfied with commercial vehicle brands”. Which products will lead the 2016 commercial vehicle market? The outflow of "2016 Commercial Vehicle" gives the most definitive answer. After the review of the “2016 Commercial Vehicles” expert group, the most outstanding products to be launched in the country will be screened out. This is the highest-quality product with the highest level of quality and the best quality to be recommended in 2016. High down. In the end, 21 products were selected as “2016 Commercial Vehicles”. 21 products such as Volvo Trucks FH500, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle T6 Series, Auman GTL Mercedes-Benz Edition, and Yutong Bus T7 Series won the 2016 commercial vehicles of different groups. The title.

Live awards

Since its grand celebration in 2011, the “Commercial Vehicle Industry Annual Festival” has received strong support from various associations, societies, universities, and research institutes in China. It has also received enthusiastic support from trucks, buses, and parts and components companies. It has now become commercial. The largest event in the car industry.

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