·The environmental protection bureau will conduct a "new normal"

Recently, the Beijing Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau announced that Changan Automobile (microblogging) issued tens of millions of administrative fines for exceeding the standard. Changan responded to this announcement in the evening, saying that the batch was covered by the EFI matching calibration scheme for the detected vehicles. Insufficient sex may result in substandard emissions of vehicles under special circumstances and two improvements are proposed.
On January 6, the Beijing Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau announced a decision on the administrative penalty for Chongqing Changan Automobile Co., Ltd., which stated that the two models of Changan Automobile's SC6469B5 (CS75 1.8T) and SC7186A5 (Chang'an Rui) exceeded the standard.

According to the punishment announcement announced by the Beijing Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau: Since July 21, 2015, the Beijing Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau has investigated the vehicles sold by Changan Automobile in Beijing, and found that Changan’s CS75 and Ruiqi models are not environmentally friendly. Production consistency requirements. In the test results, it was found that two of the three Ruiqi cars tested had emission test results exceeding the national five emission standards; one of the three CS75 models that were sampled exceeded the national five emission standards, and three CS75s. The OBD system does not have an actual monitoring frequency (IUPR) function.

Beijing is currently the only city to implement the National Five Standards. According to the test results, the Beijing Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau conducted a “reimbursement of unsuccessful vehicle sales revenue of 12.605 million yuan and a penalty of 3.78 million yuan according to the “Beijing Air Pollution Prevention and Control Regulations”. "The punishment measures."
Regarding the punishment of the Beijing Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, Changan Automobile stated that it “highly valued and actively conducted many understandings and communication with the Beijing Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau. At the same time, it organized technical experts to conduct detailed analysis and demonstration of this issue, and targeted The ground has taken a series of measures."

1. Changan Automobile has always attached great importance to and strictly implemented relevant emission regulations.

2. Reasons for the failure of the sampling vehicle to meet the requirements of the relevant standards:

1. The coverage of the vehicle EFI matching calibration scheme is insufficient, and it fails to effectively cover some special and extreme conditions, which may result in the vehicle not discharging under special conditions.

2. OBD is a complex diagnostic system, which contains a number of indicators. The OBD of the six vehicles tested this time are working normally, but the IUPR (OBD actual monitoring frequency) of one of the OBD instructions of three vehicles appeared. The communication settings are faulty and the diagnostics cannot read the information.
Third, measures:

1. Changan Automobile has locked in the vehicle information related to the emission standards, and has notified the customers of the relevant vehicles to go to the 4S shop to re-enter the EFI data. The newly entered EFI data can guarantee the user's vehicle to meet the national five emission standards.

2. Changan Automobile has re-set the EFI data calibration scheme to enhance coverage and ensure that the products produced can meet relevant emission regulations even under the most stringent conditions.

Changan Automobile apologizes for the inconvenience caused to our customers by this incident!

It is understood that the Beijing Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau's standard for Changan Automobile monitoring is based on the "Light Vehicle Pollutant Emission Limits and Measurement Methods (China's Fifth Phase)", which was issued by the Ministry of Environmental Protection in September 2013, Beijing. Due to the conditions for implementing the new standards, the region will be implemented immediately after the standard is released, and the date for full implementation of the standard will be January 1, 2018.
According to the headline of the car, this is the second time that the Beijing Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau issued a fine for the auto company. The first time was the September 2014 issue of a super-marked ticket for Hyundai Motor's imported new Shengda 3.0 model. The Beijing Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau imposed penalties on its own brand Changan Automobile, which sounded an alarm for the automakers of the more stringent national five emission standards, and showed the government's determination to reduce pollution in the automotive industry. . The implementation date of the National Five New Standards is approaching, and the Beijing Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau has become more and more frequent in the sampling of vehicles on the market. With the increasing supervision, the spot check supervision will become the “new normal”.

haracteristics and Applications:

ENiFe-CI is a covered electrode of Fe-Ni alloy core rod with graphite coating. The weld metal provides low expansion coefficient, less hardening and good machining property. It is suitable for ductile cast iron, malleable cast iron and gray cast iron. Satisfied performance can be obtained in the welding of large or high-restraint workpiece. The toughness is higher than that of T-Cast100.

Notes on usage:

1. Clean up the contaminations on the base metal and welding seam so as not to derogate the weld metal quality from crack and porosity.

2. Heat the welding portion to fully evaporate oil, liquor or solvent on it, normally the temperature is at around 400~500℃.

3. Maintaining short arc length as possible is highly recommended. While welding with weave method, moving range should be controlled within 3 times of the wire`s dia.

4. Use intermittent weld and keep arc length short (not longer than 3") or the prolonged heating might cause crack on joint edge. Symmetrical intermittent weld should be applied to multi-layer welding so as to balance the heat stress.

5. Pre-heating and slow cool-down is sometimes required, according to the metal`s type, shape

and size.

6. To alleviate shrinking stress, proceed peening on and off at the temperature above 540℃ after welding to prevent crack or distortion.

.Typical chemical composition of weld metal (wt%):













Welding position:                                                            

Sizes and recommended current range (AC or DC<+>):














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