Good policy often occurs with pure electric vehicle or smoke

Recently, the State issued the "Guiding Opinions on Accelerating the Construction of Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure." The Opinions indicate that by 2020, a basic charging system will be built that is reasonably advanced, car piles are accompanied and smart and efficient, and more than 5 million electric vehicles are satisfied. Charging demand. At the same time, Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei also issued a policy saying that it will build a "network" for charging facilities, and this year it will build charging facilities with an average service distance of no more than 50 kilometers on the main expressway of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei.

With frequent release of policies, it is not difficult to see the country’s promotion of new energy vehicles. The introduction of these favorable policies has also made new energy products more “just around the corner”. At the just-concluded New Energy Auto Show, a dazzling array of new energy vehicles makes us I saw a bright future for the development of new energy vehicles. In this new energy auto show is a line, in addition to the traditional passenger cars, passenger cars, the appearance of pure electric logistics truck has aroused widespread concern.

Delay in the development of pure electric trucks is a key policy and technology

Relative to passenger cars and passenger cars, the pace of promotion of pure electric trucks appears to be slightly slower, not only because of the attributes of the trucks, but also the size of the trucks, including the technology. “At present, there are many products for pure electric logistics trucks, but national policies and even local subsidies are not in place. The price difference makes users more biased towards diesel vehicles. The other is the charging of pure electric logistics vehicles, but also for the product. The promotion has increased the difficulty.” Liu Junzeng, CEO of Tang Jun’s electric vehicle sales company, said that the local fortress has a huge impact on the promotion of pure electric vehicles.

Indeed, especially focusing on the problem of difficulty in charging, He Shengbin, regional general manager of the New Energy Auto Show exhibitors Minfu Energy New Energy Automotive Co., Ltd., told reporters that the technical difficulties in making pure electric trucks are mainly concentrated in the control system. Affects battery capacity and charging load. The current production of pure electric vehicles is mainly fast-charged and slow-charged. According to the speed of slow charging, the battery life is 4000-5000 times. In fact, the battery protection is lost within five years, and the charging value is lower than 80% will have to be replaced without conditions, while fast charging will require higher control systems and greater damage to the battery. General pure electric vehicle companies use third-party batteries, making it difficult to break through the technology.

The battery life and capacity also determine that the pure electric logistics vehicle can not carry farther transportation, and the domestic endurance of pure electric logistics vehicles is generally concentrated in about 150 kilometers, if you want to improve the battery life, on the one hand the technology is difficult to break, the other On the one hand, we must consider lightweight design and it is difficult to achieve. “Even if a charging pile is built, long-distance transportation is not realistic considering the life of the vehicle.” Hee Manager also stated that it is more dependent on public charging facilities for individual investors, and separate charging stations for group users with more than 50 units. Also consider the cost of land.

Not only that, the responsible person of Putian New Energy Vehicle has also raised a serious problem, namely the inconsistency of the battery charging socket. Although the country has already issued a unified policy for compulsory implementation, it is still being reversed and not all of them are implemented as required.

Optimistic about the future direction of enterprise products to deal with market acceptance <br> <br> despite the promotion of pure electric truck shackles have a lot of real-world conditions, but the country still spare no effort to give a positive impetus, each truck companies are constantly doing efforts. "Now the country's main energy-saving emission reduction, especially the first-tier cities is even more urgent, the new energy electric logistics vehicle will be the best solution. And from the perspective of efficiency, the cost of pure electric logistics vehicles can save one-fifth the cost of diesel vehicles. The cost.” Tang Jun Liu also used 100 kilometers as an example to analyze the advantages of pure electric logistics vehicles. One hundred kilometers of transport, diesel vehicles consume 12 oil, plus maintenance costs about 140 yuan, while the electric logistics vehicle only consumes 20 degrees, and in the ease of emission reduction greatly. The country’s positive recommendation for charging facilities also shows that the prospects for pure electric logistics vehicles are promising.

In response to the current promotion difficulties, Tang Jun Automobile is also actively responding. According to Liu, the current Tang Jun automobile mainly pushes 2t, 1t and 0.75t logistics vehicles. In order to facilitate the user's charging, when the user purchases a car, all the chargers are distributed, and the circuit can be charged at home after simply modifying the circuit. Basically, 6-8. Hours to fill, while charging sockets in full accordance with national standards, the use of social charging facilities can also achieve fast charging.

In order to help the group users enjoy more convenient charging and welfare, Tang Jun Automobile also set up charging facilities together with the car companies, and even Tang Jun Automobile could invite third-party professional charging facility installation companies to serve the car companies and relieve the worries of charging.

Unlike Tang Jun Auto, Minfu Energy New Energy Vehicles is based on mobile charging vehicles to solve the charging problem for users. It is reported that at this new energy auto show, Minfu Energy New Energy Vehicle has exhibited a mobile charging vehicle. It is understood that this model has a fixed energy storage system, can effectively store electricity, with high efficiency, energy saving, stable power supply, high security features, in particular, the use of lithium iron phosphate batteries as store storage media, significantly extend battery usage life.

It is precisely for the confidence of pure electric logistics vehicles, the rich Fuwo new energy vehicles have sold about 5,000 units from last year to now, Tang Jun car has also completed sales of more than 1,000 units this year. The heads of the two companies stated that they are in favor of the country’s proposed measures to establish charging facilities, but at present, it takes time for the vehicle’s role to be promoted, and the promotion of vehicles is still focused on the leasing marketing model. To be developed!

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