Mahogany furniture "private customization" mining growth point

In recent years, custom homes have become the most dazzling sector in the entire home furnishing industry, from the highest custom wardrobes to today's all kinds of custom furniture, which have become popular in major home stores. As the high-end furniture market, mahogany furniture is now entering the ranks of private custom. Currently, there are sales channels for Enterprise 30 that are privately customized. According to a salesperson, if you choose to customize, from material selection to style design, you can customize according to customer requirements. Some merchants even hire designers to design different styles according to the style of customers' home decoration. Furniture. Since the second half of 2012, the number of people who have customized mahogany furniture has gradually increased. A consumer who chose to customize mahogany furniture said that the reason for choosing customization was mainly because the furniture displayed at the store was not suitable for the design and style of his family. It is understood that most consumers who choose to customize are those who have high requirements for personalization or have strict requirements and assumptions about the style of home decoration. In this regard, an industry expert believes that each customized product is unparalleled in its artistic and vitality, which is unparalleled in the product line. The choice of private custom customers, mostly emphasize the individual lifestyle, which is currently a more fashionable way of consumption, and is consistent with the consumer psychology of high-end people. At the same time, many consumers believe that mahogany furniture should be customized and produced by machine assembly lines. The mahogany furniture has no original cultural connotation. A consumer revealed. According to the introduction of the merchants, consumers now have a deeper understanding of the cultural connotations of mahogany furniture. This kind of understanding makes them no longer passively accept the idea of ​​the production line sold by manufacturers. In addition, some insiders believe that the potential for value-added appreciation of customized furniture is also large, and choosing private customization is also one of the performances of consumer investment psychology. The share of custom furniture accounted for 10 in the overall furniture market in 2012. In 2013, the domestic custom furniture market will reach 100 billion yuan. In the first half of the year, a custom furniture consumption trend report shows that personalized consumer demand has gradually become the mainstream of the market, and custom furniture will become another important growth point in the furniture market.

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