What are the methods of carpet cleaning?

What are the methods of carpet cleaning?

Carpet Cleaning This is a long-standing problem. Since carpets have trouble cleaning carpets, carpets have a lot of effects and can play a role in anti-slip, sound insulation, noise reduction, and are rich in colors and shapes. What are the methods for carpet cleaning? Henan Jiewei Cleaning Products Co., Ltd. sums up the following points for you:
Carpet cleaning method: Use a washing and washing machine combined with detergent, and then the dirt on the carpet surface is sucked into the washing machine, and the total cleaning has minimal damage to the carpet.
Carpet Cleaning Method 2: Carpets are washed separately in different places and should not be washed together. Because different stains use different cleaners. For example, edible oils should be washed with carbon tetrachloride solvent, shoe oils are washed with gasoline, etc.
Carpet cleaning method 3: When cleaning the carpet part, it should be wiped from the edge of the stain, and quickly move closer to the center of the stain. Never wipe it from the inside out. This will easily cause the stain to spread.
Carpet Cleaning Method Four: Steam Sauna Carpet Cleaning. With a special steam sauna carpet cleaner, the water is turned to a high temperature of 200 degrees Fahrenheit. The dirt is separated by high temperature and high pressure, and the carpet is sterilized by high temperature.
Carpet Cleaning Method 5: For the removal of egg whites, milk, and other lipids, they should be washed with lukewarm water and detergent, and then use a special volatile oil remover to remove fat.

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