Germany looks forward to leading the electric vehicle battery market

The three-day German Battery Forum opened in Berlin on the 21st. German government officials at the forum called for the transformation of energy and made Germany a leading provider of electric vehicle market.

"It is in Germany’s economic interest to produce electric vehicle batteries in Germany in the future,” said German Federal Education and Research Minister Johanna Wanka at the forum. “We want to be the leading supplier of electric vehicles.”

Wanka emphasized that Germany is currently vigorously promoting energy transformation and expects to become the leading electric vehicle market and major supplier. For Germany, the ability to produce powerful, affordable, and safe energy storage devices is crucial. German automakers are the world's leading manufacturers. The best technologies for electric vehicles, especially battery technology, should also come from Germany.

To this end, Germany has established the Helmholtz Institute dedicated to battery research in Ulm and Münster. At the same time, a research platform with a large battery production line has been built at the Solar and Hydrogen Research Center in Ulm.

The German Battery Forum was held in Berlin from January 21st to 23rd to provide a communication platform for the business community, the scientific and technological community, and political circles to discuss battery manufacturing and innovation.

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