XDMAKE 2014-2 Shanghai Auto Mechanika

XDMAKE turbocharger enjoyed the 2014 Automechanika Shanghai fair.

Booth No. E7A54.

Factory introduction to potential customers and suppliers.

XDMAKE engaging in development and quality upgrade for turbo parts.

Welcome friends to meet XDMAKE for turbocharger trade and turbo parts OEM manufacture.

Rotary Knob Switch can be used to replace traditional resistance potentiometer simulation function of rotating pulse generator, the rotary switch are normally used in the instrument front panel and audio control panel man-machine interface, rotary switch orthogonal optical encoder as pure digital device to replace analog potentiometer, the rotary switch on the appearance similar to traditional or resistive potentiometer, but the internal structure of rotary switch completely and use digital optical technology. Similar to traditional incremental encoder products have two orthogonal output signal channel A and B), can be directly connected with the encoder processing chip.
Rotary switch knob is to control the main contact a switch on and off. The structure of rotary switch has two kinds, which is one unit structure and more than a multipolar structure. Single unit rotary switch in the application of commonly used jointly with rotor potentiometer, while more than a multipolar rotary switch used for switch working state lines.

Knob Switch

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