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Wood pellet complete production line is euipment for making the wood log/wood chips/sawdust/wood shaving/rice husk/stalk/grass...raw material into fuel pellets, Main process:  Wood Chipper --hammer mill--biomass dryer--Biomass Pellet Machine--pellet cooler--Pellet Packing Machine.

Wood chipper: make the wood log/wood branches/wood blocks/bamboo... into smaller chips. Finished products: 20-50cm.

Hammer Mill/Crusher: crush the wood chips/wood shaving/small blocks/grass/ 6-8mm powder. Finished products: 6-8mm.

Rotary Dryer: dry raw material into suitable moisture to produce high-level pellets. Finished moisture: 10-15%
Wood Pellet Machine: press crushed and dry sawdust/rice husk/straw/grass... into pellets. Finished pellets: 6/8/10mm.(Asian Market standard: 8mm; European Market standard: 6mm)

Cooling Machine: cool high-temperature pellets before packing.
Reason: the finished pellets are very hot and realease moisture as they leave the pellet machine. This section can ensure to generate smooth pellets.

Packing Machine: pack pellets into 20-50kg/bag or 1 ton bag. Advantage: easily to be transported to final users' site.

Straw Pellet Production Line

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