LED industry peak season continues to increase Dongbei year 26

Benefiting from the demand for lighting and backlights, LED industry shipments and revenues have been rising all the year round. LEDs are fully loaded from the production capacity of LED and packaging plants, and revenues have increased. Ronda’s revenue in July was NT$1.41 billion. About 289 million yuan, a record high in a single month, as Dongbei began to ship with the new version of the customer's bulb, July revenue of 801 million Taiwan dollars (about 164 million yuan), a substantial increase from June 27 Compared with the same period last year, it has grown 26. As the timing began to enter the peak season of the electronics industry, lighting and backlight demand drove the demand for LEDs. Due to the new capacity, the legal person estimates that the LED related manufacturers' revenue in the third and fourth quarters will also follow the record high. Estimated August-September lighting continued Wang Dongbei said that July revenue growth, mainly because the customer's new version of the lighting bulbs began mass production shipments in July, driving revenue growth. Dongbei pointed out that in order to cooperate with the customer's bulb products in the second quarter of the revision, Dongbei Lighting's new post-production demand has increased significantly, so the expansion of production, has now completed the expansion of lighting capacity, including equipment and materials are complete, is expected 8 Part of the lighting in September, the contribution to revenue will continue to shine. As for the backlight products, Dongbei pointed out that due to the small and medium-sized mobile communication products, the high-color gamut products received higher-than-expected orders in the third quarter, and contributed a lot to the July revenue. It is expected that the third quarter revenue will be monthly. growing up. As North American LED bulbs and lighting demand have grown exponentially this year, and sales of North American Energy Stars have adopted more stringent standards for Omnidirectional bulbs, the new specification will be implemented before the end of the third quarter of this year. The bulb products, which are mainly supplied to the North American channel, have been mass-produced in July, and the new products will also be completed by the end of the third season with Energy Star certification and application price subsidies. This year, LEDs use various products to account for the high color gamut performance. Dongbei Chairman Wu Qinghui pointed out that this year's mainstream of backlight products not only emphasizes the size increase, thinning and high image resolution, but also strengthens the ultra-high color gamut (WideColorGamut, WCG performance, in the first half of this year, international manufacturers have prioritized WCG high-color gamut application into the flagship model of the brand, including mobile communication products such as smart phones and tablet products. It is expected that there will be more mobile phone brands and machines in the second half of the year. The type will be imported into the application, and there will be a high level of attention for revenue. Ronda’s July revenue of NT$1.41 billion (RMB 289 million) was once again a record high in a single month, up 4.4 from June's revenue and 7.2 from the same period last year. Longda Finance Minister Zhang Boyi pointed out that July The growth kinetic energy is mainly driven by two major applications of backlighting and lighting. At present, the average capacity utilization rate of Ronda is over 90%, and the expansion of the packaging capacity has also been opened since June. It is expected to continue to contribute revenue this quarter. He pointed out that the backlight application benefited from the continued shipment of Korean TV backlight products and China's direct-use applications; mobile phone flash LEDs also shipped Chinese mobile phone brands. In the lighting application segment, the strong demand for glass tubes and flat lamps in the second quarter continued, and the shipments were among the highest in the industry. It is estimated that the future will increase in the future.

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Diaphragm pump flow, characteristic selection
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Pneumatic Diaphragm Pump

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