Eberhberg to Dispel US$122 Million Expansion of Michigan Plant to Expand 545 Enrollment

According to reports, the automotive exhaust system and HVAC supplier Eberhberg announced that it plans to spend US$122 million to expand its production operations in Michigan, the United States.

Eberhich to Reject $122 Million to Expand Michigan Plant
Eberhich to Reject $122 Million to Expand Michigan Plant

Eberhberg recently announced a five-year expansion plan for the state of Michigan. The project has been implemented since the end of 2014 and is expected to create 545 new jobs.

Eberspek’s Brighton, Michigan facility currently covers 110,000 square feet and will be expanded threefold in the future to support supply contracts for exhaust systems and catalytic converters. This expansion project is expected to bring 100 new employees to the plant.

In addition, Eberspächer also plans to expand production operations at another location, but did not disclose the specific location. This project is expected to create 445 new jobs by 2019.

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