Hebei Handan will fully supply China's four steam diesel

Recently, the reporter learned from the management conference of the refined oil market in Handan City, Hebei Province that in 2014, Handan City will fully supply the national standard for gasoline and diesel; by 2015, it will supply the country's five standard gasoline and diesel fuel.

According to estimates, the national standard of gasoline than the country's three standard gasoline sulfide emissions can be reduced by 2/3, benzene content and olefin content and other indicators have further reduced. From January 1 this year, Handan City began to implement new gasoline quality standards. At present, the city's 574 regular gas stations have been fully supplied by the National IV gasoline. The meeting also put forward requirements: In 2014, will fully supply the national standard diesel.

In addition, Handan City will comprehensively promote the recovery of oil and gas. Oil and gas recovery can prevent atmospheric pollution caused by volatile oil and gas, eliminate potential safety hazards, increase the utilization of energy, and reduce economic losses. At present, the city has a total of 574 operational gas stations and 7 oil storage facilities. In 2014, it will complete the oil and gas recovery and transformation of gas stations and oil storage facilities. This move can recover 3,200 tons of gasoline each year.

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