Huiyuan Lubricating Oil Company 2013 Beijing Auto Parts Matching Perfectly Closed

On April 26th, 2013, the "National Auto Parts Fair and the National Auto Parts Sourcing Fair" held in Beijing ended perfectly. The scale of the exhibition was unprecedented, with more than 2,200 exhibitors participating in the event. As the most powerful lubrication manufacturer in China, Huiyuan Lubricants also exhibited in the exhibition, and brought along a series of fine-quality automotive lubricants such as its Changjie, Heli Energy, Astronergy, and Lizun.

Hardcover booth style display

Hardcover booth style display

The Huiyuan Lubricants exhibited a blue-and-white corporate tone, combined with the concept of green environmental protection, attracted a large number of customers to stop watching, Huiyuan Lubricants excellent product quality and a complete product line, has been highly trusted by the Chinese market customers. stand by.

Huiyuan Lubricants will continue to provide safe, reliable and cost-effective lubricant products to customers in the Chinese market, and will continue to increase research and innovation to meet the diversified needs of the market.

Huiyuan Lubricant has always been committed to providing customers with quality products, with modernized storage and transportation facilities and a complete service system to protect customers. At the same time, the company takes the revitalization of the Chinese national brand as its own responsibility, with the core of “does not pursue blind expansion and keep stable and steady”. With strong capital, strong technical strength, and professional market planning and service team, the company has been unique in the lubricant oil market for many years. , to win a good market reputation.

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