Concrete antifreeze pumping agent developed successfully

Concrete antifreeze pumping agent developed successfully Recently, the Provincial Science and Technology Research Institute of the Cold Region Building Research Institute and other units completed the provincial scientific and technological research project “LNC-53 type negative temperature concrete antifreeze pumping agent research and application”, passed the expert appraisal organized by the Provincial Department of Science and Technology.

Based on the research theory of negative temperature concrete and pumped concrete, the project optimized design of antifreeze components and pumping components. After a large number of tests and applications, LNC-53 negative temperature that has no effect on the environment has been successfully developed. Concrete antifreeze pumping agent. The antifreeze pumping agent can be used to prepare a slump of more than 220mm at a temperature of -5°C to -30°C, a 1h slump loss of less than 50mm over a period of 1h, a significant reduction in critical freeze strength, and a critical freeze strength. Down to 3.5MPa, negative temperature concrete with good pumpability.

The negative temperature concrete anti-freeze pumping agent studied in this project can ensure that the strength of the concrete will continue to increase under negative temperature conditions, and the physical and mechanical properties and durability of the concrete will not be affected after the positive temperature is transferred. The anti-freeze pumping agent has been applied in a large number of projects in Harbin Songpu Bridge, Aijian New District, etc. It has been proved that it is suitable for use in construction during the whole winter period in the temperature range above -30°C, and it has a good promotion and application value.

This achievement is innovative in terms of adapting to the construction of negative temperature concrete throughout the winter, shortening the formation time of the critical freezing strength of negative temperature concrete, ensuring that the negative temperature concrete has frost resistance and pumping function under severe cold conditions, and the overall technology has reached the international advanced level. .

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